Christopher Radko Ornament Care and Storage


Do not clean your ornaments with water, glass cleaner, detergents or other chemical solutions. The paint or lacquer used on all Christopher Radko ornaments is water based, and the finishes are delicate. Instead, just dust off your ornaments with a basic feather duster or clean cotton cloth. A gentle touch will go a long way toward making sure your ornaments are enjoyed by you and your loved ones for decades to come.


Unstable environments can cause stress fractures in your ornaments over time. Protect your collection from the extreme temperature changes and humid conditions often present in unheated, non-insulated areas like basements or attics and never store ornaments in direct sunlight, which can cause delicate pigments to fade. Instead, keep your ornaments in a main-floor closet or some other temperature-controlled place. Wrap your fine collectibles in acid-free tissue, high-quality paper towels or cotton batting and store them in sturdy plastic containers or cardboard boxes with secure tops.

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